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Roll Paper Die Cutting Machine

Controlled by micro-computer, our CY-N900 roll paper die cutting machine is configured with human-computer control interface, servo positioning device, alternating current frequency converter, automatic counter, manual pneumatic lock plate, photoelectric deviation correcting system, electromagnetic clutch, centralized oil lubricating unit, overload protector and distinctive gearing device.

High configuration facilitates the smooth operation returning and feeding paper, precise positioning and orderly withdrawing. All the key parts and control units of this roll paper die cutting machine are imported products with fine treatment. As a result, our machine runs smoothly with stable pressure, high safety and reliability.

Main Technical Parameter
Die-cutting Precision ±0.10mm
Rated Die-cutting rate 60~100 times/minute
Maximum Die-cutting Rate 110 times/minute, 5400 times/hour
Maximum Die-cutting Pressure 120T(250N/cm2)
Maximum Die-cutting Size 900×500mm/1000×500mm
Air Supply Requirement Working pressure:0.5-0.6Mpa
gas volume:0.1m3/minute
Applicable Paper Type 135~500g/m2
Total Power of Electric Machinery 11kw
Power of Mainframe 7.5kw
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) 4000mm×1700mm×1700mm
Weight 6000kg
Conditions for Using Draft, dry, suggested temperature: 10-25°C
Roll Paper Size Diameter≤1400mm

The frame of automatic cone water paper cup making machine is made of metal and the body is made of steel.

After Sale Service
A guide book is included to assist with the installation and machine adjustment process and help solve any problems that may be encountered.
1. The CY-N900 automatic cone water paper cup making machine is adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure our Lifeng machine is in perfect condition.
2. Technicians are available to guide the installation and adjust the machine at the buyer's factory. This service would be at the buyer's expense and include the technician's salary, transportation, accommodations, consultation, etc. as well as $100 USD per diem for the technician.
3. Free training is available and ongoing for the buyer until he fully understands the operation of our Lifeng automatic cone water paper cup making machine. The buyer would be responsible for airfare and accommodations expenses.
4. Lifeng provides the consumable spare parts at no cost for one year.

1. Lifeng automatic cone water paper cup making machine offers a one year warranty from the shipment date.
2. The Lifeng warranty is not applicable to parts requiring normal replacement.
3. Lifeng is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse, improper handling, negligent maintenance, intentional injury or other damages.

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