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Paper Cup, Coffee Cup Forming Machine

    1. High Speed Paper Cup Forming MachineGZB-600 high-speed paper cup forming machine owns double turntables, and twin cutting devices for efficient production. It includes whole process as, automatic paper feeding,
    1. Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup MachineThe paper forming machine also adopts hot air blower, PLC control, servo motor, as well as protective system, including failure warning, counting, detection, and automatic stopping device, etc.
    1. Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming MachineThe cup production is completed through continuous high speed process, including automatic paper cup wall feeding, ultrasonic wave sealing, cup top lubrication, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup stacking.
    1. Paper Cup Machine (Single PE Coated Paper)Our paper cup machine is equipped with an optically controlled non-contact switch. The switch automatically controls the machine, ensuring the safety of machine and operator.
      Micro computer controlled inverter of the machine controls speed regulation.
    1. Paper Cup Machine (Double PE Coated Paper)Our paper cup machine (double PE coated paper) uses an imported ultrasonic hot-press system and does not damage the printing on the paper cup.
      It produces a paper cup with neat and smooth surface.
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