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Customer Case

Lifeng is a professional manufacturer of paper cup forming machinery, which has developed over 20 models of paper cup forming machines and have been applied for manufacturing of various disposable paper cups covering ice cream paper cups, coffee paper cups, instant noodle cups etc. Except for the domestic market, paper cup forming machines here at Lifeng are now available in many overseas markets covering Southeast Asia, West Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and so on.

Domestic and overseas cases

Overseas case 1
1. This Dominican client is a regular client of our former salesman. He ordered three paper cup forming machines from our company before and the products are still in production now and as usual he came here to have a test on the machine.
2. Process
During testing of paper cup forming machine, the client noticed the straw making machine we have just developed recently and would like to have a look at the operation of the machine. As there is a ban on plastic, there is much demanding in paper products, he is considering transformation and is willing to purchase straw making machines.
3. Feedbacks and outlook
After seeing our straw making machine, the client paid us down payment immediately at our office and hoped that we could produce the products as soon as possible, besides, he purchased one straw making machine for a try and if it is applicable, he would purchase more. This is the first time for the customer to purchase our straw making machine and we believe that it can be well accepted by our customers.

Overseas case 2
1. Customer’s needs
The client left us contact information in an exhibition held in Yiwu, Zhejiang, he would like to purchase paper cup forming machine for his factory.
2. Process
After nearly two months’ communication on WhatsApp, the client decided to visit our factory where he found that the speed and cup size of medium speed paper here at our company all meet his requirements and he would like us to give him more vulnerable spare parts for free.
3. Feedback and outlook
We didn’t conclude an agreement at that time, half years later, the client told us to purchase our machine on WhatsApp and ordered many machine from our factory and now he has been an overseas agent of us.

Overseas case 3
1. Customer’s needs
We met this client in an exhibition held in Turkey, he knew our products from website and was very interested in our medium speed paper cup forming machine, for it is in urgent need in turkey market, later he had some communications with our salesman in the price, speed and some other detailed information about the machine on WhatsApp.
2. Process
During our exhibition in Turkey, the client came to see our machines and was quite satisfied with them.
3.Feedbacks and outlook
The client signed PI with us and decided to order three machines the second day after the exhibition, he even invited us to his home politely, we still keep cooperative relationship with this client till now.

Overseas case 4
1. Customer’s needs
We knew this client from one of our regular clients, he saw our machines from factory of his friend, later he contacted us and would like to buy one die cutting machine.
2. Process
As the die cutting machine is demanding in raw material, our salesperson, together with the client came to the paper plant for some paper samples and then we can produce the mold to meet his specific needs. Meanwhile, the client also wanted to purchase paper this time, so we guided him for several paper plants, besides, electronic equipment used for the die cutting machine here at our company are all imported, finally, an agreement was concluded between us.
3. Feedbacks and outlook
Now the die cutting machines are still in production, the delivery date of the machine is 40 days, but we keep contact with the client to ensure him with reliability and keep him reassured.

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