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Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine

Developed from common paper cup sleeve machine, GWT-600 middle speed paper cup sleeve forming machine has new functions of automatic paper feeding, sealing, sleeve forming and discharging by one time. It is highly automatic and has multiple workstations. Thus, finished cups will have double or ripple layer, thus users will not be burned by hot water.

Main technical parameter
General power 5.5kw
Paper r PE coated paper, ripple paper, paper card, grey paper board etc.
Voltage supply 380v 50hz or customized
Speed 80-110pcs/min
Main motor power 2.2kw
Cup size 9oz-22oz
Measurement 2500*900*1700mm
Receiver size 900*900*1900mm
Weight 2600kg
  • A. Human-computer interface and PLC touch screen for controlling, manual touch to operation all settings. The machine can run stably for a long time, and fully automatic counting system for finished cup, instead of manual counting, is introduced, which shows the intelligence of the machine.

  • B. Good-quality metal and steel used for the machine body and casing allows increased machine weight and higher running stability.

  • C. Imported high-precision CAM driving system with gear transmission, instead of old traditional driving system, makes the molding of each station to be more accurate.

  • D. The oil circulation and filtration for driving system at machine bottom, which helps to ensure the durability and reliability of our sleeve forming machine.

After-sale service:
1. Installation manual will be sent together with our machine to give assistance to people when there is any problem occurred during machine’s installation, adjustment, and operation.
2. Test run of the machine & training:
a) We will adjust the machine well for one week before delivery, thus to ensure the machine has the perfect performance.
b) If the technicians are asked to install machine and training the workers at buyer’s factory, the buyer should pay following fees: tickets, accommodation, food, visa and salary for 100usd/day.
3. Staff training in China:
a) We supply the free staff training at our factory, the training won’t stop until the operation of our machinery is well acknowledged! The cost of air ticket, boarding and lodging should be provided by buyer.
4. We supply the consumable parts for free during one year warranty.

1. 1 year warranty from the shipment date for any defects in design and workmanship is available. But it doesn’t include damage as a result of normal wear or aging.
2. We are not responsible for the damage caused by misuse, incorrect or abusive use, accident, neglect, abuse, alteration, unusual stress, modification, improper or unauthorized repair or improper storage.

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