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Discontinued Products

    1. High Speed Paper Cup Forming MachineAutomatic lubricating system ensures continuous and high speed running.
      Equipped with standard accessories.
      ZB-G16 high speed paper cup forming machine is well designed with PLC alarm.
    1. Paper Cup Making Machine with Handle ApplicatorPaper cups are made in a series of automatic procedures including paper cup wall feeding, paper handle feeding, handle sticking, top cup lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup stacking ...
    1. Paper Bowl, Paper Bucket Forming MachineOptically controlled non contact switch automatically controls the machine, ensuring the safety of the machine and operator.
      Our paper bowl forming machine (single PE coated paper) is equipped with a micro-computer ...
    1. Paper Plate, Meal Box Forming MachineThe ZDJ-300 automatic paper plate forming machine has two independent units and can make two different sizes of plates .
      The ZDJ-300 automatic paper plate forming machine is very safe to operate.
    1. Roll Paper Die Cutting MachineHigh configuration facilitates the smooth operation returning and feeding paper, precise positioning and orderly withdrawing. All the key parts and control units of this roll paper die cutting machine are imported products with fine treatment.
    1. Creasing And Cutting MachineThe creasing and cutting machine is made from solid material.
      Our advanced machine runs smoothly with very little noise.
      Electrical system is designed in compliance with IEC standard
    1. Cup Handle Making MachineAttention should be paid to the sanitation and cleanliness of the machine. A fixed scheduled should be maintained to clear and wipe down the machine. Keep greasy dirt away from the paper, die and roller. The cup handle making machine should be located away from paper scraps, ...
    1. Food Box Making MachineIt is composed of paper feeder, glue unit, forming unit, finished products collecting unit, adjusting and counting devices. In solid structure, our machine performs with high quality, low noise and high efficiency.
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