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4 Color Paper Cup Printing Machine

1. Adopt the Anilox roll to transfer ink.
2. Unwinding and rewinding are all controlled by magnetic particle brake, clutch, or by automatic tension controller of Mitsubishi, made in japan.
3. Each printing unit adopts 360-degree registering adjuster.
4. Each printing unit has one IR (infrared) drier.
5. The roller can break away automatically when the machine stops to run, or runs at a low speed, in order to avoid ink being dry.
6. Imported stepless regulation of frequency conversion is adopted to our main motor.
7. Unwinding, web guiding, corona discharging, printing, IR drying and rewinding can be completed in one process, thus it becomes the ideal machine to print many kinds of paper cups.

Main Technical Parameters
General power 25kw
Printing speed 60m/min
Printing color 2 3 4
Max. Roll width 860mm
Max. Printing width 850mm
Max. Feeding Roller diameter 1400mm
Max. collector roller diameter 1400mm
Printing grith 180-420mm
Registering precision ±0.15mm
Weight 3800kgs
Measurement 3500*1850*2200mm
Voltage supply 380v 50hz or can be customized
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