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Small Size Paper Cup Machine (Single PE Coated)

The small size paper cup machine (single PE coated) ZB-09 type is a CE certified automatic machine and offers multi-running positions. To complete the production of paper cups and other containers, the machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding, gluing, oiling, bottom-punching heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping. The small size paper cup machine can produce coffee cups, ice cream cups and other drink cups.

The small size paper cup machine features an optically controlled contact-less switch that automatically controls the machine while securing the safety of the machine and operator. The machine is equipped with a micro-computer controlled inverter to help realize stepless speed regulation.

The photoelectric tracing system of the small size paper cup machine has an automatic alarm and stop. To give the machine a long life, it is equipped with many good quality bearings instead of normal metal.

Technical Specifications of the Small Size Paper Cup Machine (Single PE Coated)
General power 3.5KW
Paper request 150-350g/m2 (single PE coated paper)
Power supply 220V50HZ/380V50HZ or customize
Cup size 2–9 oz.
Speed 55-60PCS/MIN
Weight 1000KGS
Dimension 2100×1050×1650MM

After-Sale Service
1. Our guide booklet will be sent with machine to assist with the installation process, adjustment of the whole machine and production to avoid or solve any problem the buyer may encounter.
2. Machine Test Run and Training
One week prior to delivery, we will adjust the machine to ensure the perfect performance of the machine.
We can dispatch technicians to the buyer's factory to help guide the installation and adjustment. The buyer would be responsible for the salary, traffic fee, boarding and lodging, communication and a per diem of 100usd living allowances.
3. Training for the Buyer in China
We supply free training to the buyer and the training won't stop until the buyer has control of the whole lesson! The cost of airfare, boarding and lodging would be the responsibility of the buyer.
4. We supply free consumable spare parts for one year's use.

1. We offer a one year warranty from the shipment date against any defects in design and workmanship.
2. This warranty cannot be applied to parts which are subject to wear and require normal replacement and to the durability of condition.
3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse, improper handling, neglectful maintenance, force injury, or other reasons beyond our responsibility.

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