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LF-70 Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine

Product Description:
LF-70 medium speed paper cup forming machine is a kind of multi-working station machine, in which paper cup is made through a whole procedure of automatic paper feeding, imported heater side seal, cup top lubrication, automatic bottom paper feeding, cup bottom heating, bottom knurling, curling etc. It is suitable for commonly used cups, such as hot drinks cups and coffee cups.

Sample Display
Model LF-70
Paper Cup Size 2-12oz
Raw Material Single-sided coated paper(Single PE)
Speed 65-75 pcs/min
Suitable paper weight 170-300g/m²
Voltage supply 380V,50HZ
General power 4.5KW
Net weight 1500kgs
Overall dimension (mm) 2300*1150*1800
Collecting table (L ×W ×H)Mm 850mm*950mm*1700mm
Paper cup bonding Cup Side Sealing Normal Heater
Bottom Knurling Normal Heater/AIR HOT SYSTEM

1. The structure of medium speed paper cup is designed with enclosed steel-framed construction, which is more compact in structure, light-weight and easy for transportation as compared with the open type machine before.
2. Different from the traditional dividing mechanism used for medium speed paper cup forming machine, the core part of this machine uses Geneva wheel drive, which is available in more precise drive, the speed is 65-75 pcs/min, making it more reliable and stable.
3. Bottom punching and horizontality of the mounting surface is basically made through precision positioning of large CNC machine, besides, all the spare parts are standardized produced, ensuring standardization, wide application, interchangeability of the machine and making it convenient for maintenance.
4. This medium speed paper cup forming machine is improved under the low speed series, which adopts a stepping motor to achieve higher precision and avoid paper wood.

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